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Programs : Featured

This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Program
Australia LSB: Business in Australia (Faculty-Led) Cairns, Australia; Sydney, Australia
Terms: UWinteriM Description: Escape this UWinteriM to the warm environs of Australia and learn the dynamics of Australian Business and economy in this high quality 3 credit study abroad program.  The program begins in Sydney, the premier city of Australia and features guest [...]
Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam: History and Culture (Faculty-Led Study Abroad) Hanoi, Vietnam; Sapa, Vietnam; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Vientiane, Laos
Terms: UWinteriM Description: This three-credit course provides opportunities for U.S. college students to travel and explore the history and cultures of three mainland Southeast Asian countries: Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  Ancient civilizations are part of their glorious p asts,[...]
Cuba SARUP: Understanding Cuban Urbanism in Havana (Faculty-Led) Havana, Cuba
Terms: UWinteriM Description: Program Description The program will have students working with the Cuban University CUJAE to study Historic Preservation, Sustainable Development and Urban Planning in Havana, Cuba. See here for the Tentative Itinerary.pdf and past Cuba SARUP 2017 [...]
Germany Engineering: Environmental & Sustainable Engineering (Faculty-Led) Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Munich, Germany
Terms: UWinteriM Description: Imagine learning about renewable energies, climate change and planning for the implementation of innovative ideas in environmental engineering in Germany! This unique English-language program features lectures by professionals and experts in the fiel ds[...]
Ghana Africology: Study Abroad to Ghana (Faculty-Led) Accra, Ghana; Kumasi, Ghana
Terms: UWinteriM Description: Program Description West Africa is the ancestral home of the greater percentage of people of African descent currently living in the U.S.  Ghana, one of the sixteen nations of West Africa, offers a tremendous opportunity to the study of the p olitical,[...]
Malawi Nursing: Community Health in Malawi: An Interprofessional Experience (Faculty-Led) Blantyre, Malawi
Terms: UWinteriM Description: Program Description This course will introduce students to the health care system in Malawi, and provide them with an opportunity to experience a variety of Malawian health care settings.  This course will have a community health focus, and [...]
Mexico Atmospheric Science: Air Pollution & Ancient Cultures (Faculty-Led) Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico; Oaxaca, Mexico; Palenque, Mexico; Papantla, Mexico
Terms: UWinteriM Description: In the eighth offering of this exciting course, students will travel to five exotic locations in southern Mexico.  We'll visit amazing archaeological sites, world-class museums and universities. We begin in Teotihuacán (The Cit y[...]
Thailand & Laos Nursing: Exploring the Health of Women and Children in Thailand and Laos (Faculty-Led) Bangkok, Thailand
Terms: UWinteriM Description: Program Description: The purpose of this course is to provide students with an intensive onsite cultural immersion opportunity to study about, travel to, and experience the health care of women, children, and their families in Thailand. This experie nce[...]