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Study Abroad Handbook

Dear Study Abroad Participant: 

CONGRATULATIONS on choosing to participate in a UWM study abroad program! As you are about to embark on the academic adventure of a lifetime, keep these things in mind: 

  • Attend class. 
  • Join in the discussions. 
  • Explore new resources only available to you in another culture. 
  • Engage in research that stretches your mind and develops your cognitive skills. 
  • Enjoy your classes. 
  • Be an active international learner. 
  • Be safe. 

All of the programs that are offered in CIE have been heavily researched and carefully crafted and designed so that you will have the best experience while abroad. You are now an ambassador from the United States, representing the University of Wisconsin System—uphold our reputation well.

This handbook highlights our policies, procedures and expectations, but it is not comprehensive. From academic integrity to tuition payments, it is you, the student, who is responsible for knowing and complying with UWM expectations. We also encourage you to get as informed as you can about your program and the country(ies) to which you are traveling. 

Good luck and safe journeys, 

CIE Staff 


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