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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Summer Study Abroad).

Summer Budget Sheet for Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Summer Study Abroad)
Summer Budget Sheet for Japan Center for Michigan Universities (Summer Study Abroad)
Budget Item (all costs are estimated) Undergrad WI resident
Program Expenses *   $9,620.00
UWM Administration Fees *   $370.00
UWM International Health Insurance *   $105.00
Billable subtotal:  $10,095.00
UWM Application Fee   $100.00
Airfare   $2,000.00
Transportation   $150.00
Food   $1,900.00
Books and Supplies   $50.00
Passport   $135.00
Miscellaneous Expenses   $1,300.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $5,635.00
Total: $15,730.00
Summer 2020 Budget Information
  • The budget costs listed on this page are estimates and subject to change until the program costs are posted to your PAWS account.
  • Budget based on housing without a meal plan
  • Program Fees are program costs that the CIE Study Abroad Office posts to your UWM PAWS account.
  • Estimated Additional Expenses differ by program and participant and are in addition to UWM billable budget items.  Each is based on the location, program duration and the spending habits of program participants.
  • Program Fees + Estimated Additional Expenses = Total Estimated Cost or Cost of Attendance (COA) for participating in this program.  UWM's Financial Aid Office uses this total cost to determine financial aid awards. If you will be using financial aid to cover some or all of your program costs, contact Gayla Jenkins ( in the UWM Financial Aid Office to evaluate your financial need before you submit your complete program application.

Note: The Miscellaneous Expenses estimate listed above is $20 per day for 65 days. The Food Estimate is $29 per day for 65 days

Important--please read!
  1. Your program application will be reviewed after the application deadline. If you are accepted to the program, in order to be considered a participant, you will then need to click on a commit button to confirm your participation. This confirmation (clicking the commit button) is your legal contract to CIE and UWM to study abroad and pay the program fee in its entirety. Do not confirm your participation in a program before determining that you can afford it. After confirmation, you are legally liable to pay the program charges even if you can no longer participate. Withdrawal policies are listed on the study abroad website.
  2. In accordance with Wisconsin state law, additional differential fees are charged to graduate students ($200) and non-Wisconsin residents ($200).
  3. Please note that undergraduate students must be enrolled in 6 (six) credits during the summer to qualify for financial aid.
* Billable item (this is the cost posted to your UWM PAWS account).